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Car Stereo Flip Out Screen

This car stereo presents an 7-in-1 Screen that is prime for use with an android phone or computer, the single camera makes sure you can track your roads and traffic while you're driving. The car stereo also renders music playback, support, and phone number can be programmed in the unit.

Flip Out Car Stereo With Navigation

The car stereo with navigation and an 7 car radio is splendid for on-the-go, the 78 l comes with a press up interface which makes it straightforward to turn on the navigation and enjoy all the music from your car stereo radio single 1 din Flip Out bluetooth touch Screen phone. With the included camera, single 1 din 7" Flip Out car radio stereo is first-rate for snapshots or pictures for your next gathering, the Flip Screen car stereo is sensational for lovers who appreciate to drive their car. This car stereo extends a touch Screen interface that makes it facile to control your car with your hands, plus, the stereo imparts a digital camera that can be used to capture memories and keep your car history. This Flip Out car stereo is top-notch for your car, it grants a touch Screen and is produced with genuine car leather and wood materials. It grants an 71 din car radio that you can use to control your car's music, the head unit also imparts a touch Screen for managing your car's settings. There is a bluetooth function as well as a fm function, so you can easily stereocar, net music and talk to friends. The head unit is furthermore dishwasher and oven resistant, this car stereo imparts an 7-inch touchscreen display with a bluetooth and fm radio. It includes a mp5 player for when Out and about, as well as a flip-out car stereo for when driving, the stereo offers a look and feel of high-quality, modern plastic and metal. It's antennas and wires are united states made, and the car stereo itself is manufactured in the united states, the car stereo has a free blue tooth app.