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Epicenter Car Stereo

The bx-15 processor is a powerful and easy-to-use car stereo soundcard that offers a hearable and present-time-friendly sound quality, it comes with a bass knob that lets you create custom bass settings. The bx-15 processor also includes a soundcard genealogy tool that lets you listen to your car audio with just a few clicks.

Cheap Epicenter Car Stereo

The Epicenter car stereo is a top-grade substitute for enthusiasts who yearn to hear their music from anywhere in the house, this car audio control presents a wide crossover that makes it great for many different types of music, from pop to metal. The bass eq, makes it uncomplicated to hear the music in any position, and the Epicenter speaker. Makes it feel like the music is in your face, the db drive e5 be v2 e5 be v2 car stereo digital bass enhancer is designed to help describe: the db drive e5 be v2 e5 be v2 car stereo digital bass enhancer is a digital bass enhancer that can help add a touch of warmth and to your car stereo sound. It is a sub knob that can be set at the subwoofer or head unit level, and it is available in both and be v2 models, the 6-channel car 20 band equalizer line stereo Epicenter is a top way for enthusiasts wanting for an Epicenter car stereo that will satisfy both the larger and smaller families. With four 6-channel modules, the provides ample power for equalizing out your car's sound, the is so configured that it can equalize any type of audio signal, whether it is from a car's speakers or its own built-in sound system. Plus, the can equalize up to 20 audio signals, making it first-rate for a person hunting to improve the overall sound of their car, the car audio digital bass is top-notch for a high-end car. With its car stereo keywords, you'll have all you need to anywhere you go, the is a high-end car audio digital bass radio with an Epicenter sound. Whether you're at the office or out on the road, the is sterling for your music needs.