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50 Watt Rms Car Stereo

This 50 Watt Rms car stereo offers an amazing 7 inch flip up gps navigation bluetooth car stereo radio, with its amazing map capabilities and digital sound it is splendid for an admirer who wants an amazing car sound.

50 Watt Rms Car Stereo Ebay

The 50 Watt Rms car stereo is a top-rated substitute for shoppers who desiderate to avoid paying top prices for a car stereo that only music plays from a few inch distance, the car stereo provides a digital map screen and gps navigation for getting around without looking. This car stereo can also play music, including podcast shows and with the built-in podcast player, the map display is excellent for exploration or travel. This 50 Watt Rms car stereo comes with an 7 flip up gps navigation screen and a bluetooth car speaker, the system is likewise backed by a map application that lets you know the distance and velocity of a message. The speaker are adjustable bocinas which can be used to create a personal soundscape for singing or playing music, the sistema audio (sata) entitles you to enjoy your music as if it were your own music player. The car stereo also includes a built-in speaker for listening to files online, this amplifier is manufactured with an 500 Watt Rms design and feature an 4-channel output. The amplifier also includes a built-in speaker for louder music operations, additionally, the car stereo can be powered up to 500 watts with the included battery.