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Bluetooth Car Stereo

The perfect stereo for the perfect car. The bluetooth interface ensures connection quickly and easily with your phone or device. The touch screen allows for easy operation of the car audio system. The camera ensures safe and secure car use.

Car Stereo Bluetooth

The car stereo has a bluetooth enabled system so you can easily connect to your phone and have music turned on when you are. You can also control settings with your phone's alphanumeric keypad. The audio quality is good and it has a history so you can never lose your music.

Car Stereo With Bluetooth

The car stereo with bluetooth and touch screen is perfect for on-the-go. The stereo features a single 1din radio, giving you an ample range to spare by conductor. The car stereo has an audio quality that is perfect for music streaming and listening out of the car. It also has a touchscreen screen that makes it easy to operation. The car stereo has an aux in for attaching to a usb port, and an fm input for using in off-road conditions. this car stereo with bluetooth enabled with a cddvd player and a 60-watt radio is perfect for by itself or in conjunction with a bluetooth device. The stereo also has a car warranty. the bluetooth car stereo system includes a 7 double 2 din car mp5 player bluetooth touch screen stereo radio with camera. This system can be used to listen to music, play videos, and get pictures and videos sent to your phone or computer. The system also includes a built-in camera that can be used to take pictures and videos. The system can be used with the driver's or front-up perspective. the bt car stereo is a great addition to any vehicle. It includes a 12v fm car stereo radio that can be connected to your phone to provide music playback and communication. The radio is also headless and can be used without the phone to access features like hands-free communication and sdusb storage for data storage.