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Regetek Car Stereo

The new car stereo from samsung is practical for individuals who desiderate an excellent sound quality and effortless to operate technology, this stereo renders an 7 inch bluetooth video player and a video camera in the front. The car stereo also gives a video phone function which allows the user to make and receive phone calls through the car stereo.

Regetek Car Stereo Amazon

The car stereo is an exceptional substitute to join the stereo world of yes chain of businesses, this first-rate car stereo features 7 bluetooth audio sources, a built in video camera, and 7 am and fm sources. It also renders an ability that makes it a first-class surrogate for a momentary video need, the car stereo also features a single din design that makes it basic to clean. It provides an 7 inch screen that is basic to adopt and can be used to listen to audio or video, the car stereo gives a built in speaker that allows you to sound system and video together. The car stereo also grants a rds fm function that allows you to easily find content from your video and audio files, the car stereo is a top substitute to help keep your car's audio and video system running smoothly. It grants an 7-inch touchscreen display that makes it uncomplicated to control and include videos or sound from your phone into the stereo, the car stereo gives a built-in bluetooth sound system that can connect to your phone and input video and sound from your phone into the speaker. The car stereo also imparts stereocar, net presence, so you can keep track of your music and sounds in real-time. This car stereo provides an 7 inch bluetooth connection so you can easily make calls or play videos with your phone.